Why You Should Thank Everyone For Everything

It takes a lot to open your own business; guts, dreams, not having your wits about you, having your wits about you, having the support of those closest to you and the ability to harness the confidence that you had when you made this whole thing a reality during times of doubt (which can be frequent). If you think, for one second, that you got to this place, yes, the place you are at right now, by yourself, you’re a damn fool. You didn’t. The path you chose, the people you encountered, the odd jobs, the horrible bosses, the bosses you idolized, the comedic relief co-workers, your people, and, the dough, you managed to get your hands on helped you get where you are today. You should be thankful for it all— even the bad.

This cumulation, this perfect concoction of terrible, horrible bad days and amazing, eye-opening, lightbulb moments are what you should thank the universe for each day you wake. I am not a preachy type of person, I am not overly religious or have an affinity to a cult following. No, in fact, we are similar in the sense that we are crazy enough to start this journey without any true knowledge of what’s to come of it all. Of course we hope for the best, but, who the hell wouldn’t? The truth is, nobody knows how this story, or your story, is going to turn out. However, think of it this way, if you had 9-5, full-time job working for someone else, you wouldn’t know the ending of your particular story either. The only difference is that the burden of responsibility is not solely on you. You’d be a part of the whole in that situation, as you are in this.

Who you are as a person is how you are defined in the hardest, toughest, ugliest points in your life. How you pick yourself up when you fall, and you will fall. I recommend opening your own company to those who know what it’s like to hit, and reside at, rock bottom at least once in their lifetime. That way, you truly know what it’s like to have nothing as you’ve already faced the “worst” fear of them. Yes, in order to truly succeed at anything, you must be comfortable with the hard reality that in the end, it may amount to nothing and you must truly be grateful for everything and everyone who has helped you achieve your greatest accomplishments and will still remain there if those said accomplishments don’t pan out how you originally intended them to.

The very fact that the empire, no matter the size, you created may not weather forever is why you should thank everyone for everything. For the true measure of success is what you have when what you had worked for, what “defined” you, is no longer there.


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