Trending Now: Digital Marketing Features We Love

Trending Now: Digital Marketing Features We Heart

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, trends come— and in the blink of an eye, go, sometimes before we even know they existed (or fully understood them, or even had a chance to implement them into digital strategies).  Staying up-to-date and incorporating what’s currently “trending” can seem challenging, but for us, it’s what we live for. Incorporating these elements into marketing is key to staying relevant and maintaining the attention of an audience, especially in this day and age, where everyone is always eager to move on to the next thing.

As a 360 degree advertising agency, we work with clients who have various personal tastes, and luckily, there are trends to accommodate each of them! For us, this makes it fun to create new advertisements that are consistent with their brand, and allows us to find new ways to interact with their customers. We’ve compiled a list of our three favorite big trends in the digital marketing world (ones we hope stick around for a while!).

Artificial Intelligence

It’s not just a Star Wars thing—  the use of AI in digital marketing is becoming pretty popular, and as it gains recognition, it’s also becoming more advanced. Depending on the platform that you’re using, AI learns and adapts to your preferences and behaviors to show you advertisements or brands that you’re more likely to respond to. There are AI features built into many websites and apps that learn your preferences as you interact more, and through your interactions, the program becomes better at tailoring its services to you. Thanks to extremely advanced coding and programming, you’re getting a personalized marketing experience. For example, Netflix has a feature that analyzes the movies and shows you’ve watched, and has a feature that will suggest other movies and shows based on what you actually completed watching, taking the fact that you finished watching the program as an indicator that you enjoyed it.

Interactive Features

Another trend we love is an interactive experience. When ads and websites incorporate features that allow their target audience to interact with the brand, they’re building a more personal relationship with these individuals. It provides them with a chance to become engaged, but the key to this is time: Take too long with the experience, and your audience might become disengaged; too short of a time and your impact might not be made effectively.  In the world of website design, one such interactive feature is the use of unique navigation to engage the audience. When one takes the time to explore the website and all of the tabs or buttons it has to offer, they might find little snip-its that they would have overlooked otherwise. With a website like this, you’re kept guessing: What comes next? Where do I click? There is a fine line, though— In some cases, the navigation might not seem natural and takes some work on the behalf of the user to figure out what to do next, which some may find frustrating. For those who love surprises, a unique navigation setup such as that of BlackNegative (Bitly; or Panache (Bitly; will provide an exciting experience.

Bold Minimalism

In contrast to some of the out-there features of many modern trends, a more minimalist approach to design can also make just as strong of an impact: It’s like the refreshing safety of a horse in a world of unicorns. A clean-cut, intuitively-navigated platform that makes its statement with bold pops of color and bright imagery can make for an equally wonderful experience. Oyyo (Bitly; lets their images do the talking for them; and Yield Design (Bitly; has a simple layout with beautiful photos and pops of color where you wouldn’t necessarily be expecting them. We love that this trend is one that, while emulated by many websites, is also prevalent within graphic design itself.

The Take-Home: Of the countless trends that are currently surfacing in the digital marketing world, only the strong survive. The life of a marketing trend varies far and wide— and this is an exciting part about working in this field. Seeing the constant evolution of these trends and what ends up finding its place in a bag of marketing favorites for the long-term is key to staying relevant and keeping our target audiences engaged. We’re always looking forward to what tomorrow’s activations will bring, and we hope you do too!


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