LDA’s Guide to Fall in the Capital Region

Halfway through fall, you may be realizing that you have a yearly “checklist” of seasonal things you want to do— and very few of those things may have actually happened yet. Fall is a great season for so many reasons: It gives you an excuse to wear layers and get warm and cozy as the temperature drops. You get to substitute that summertime iced coffee for a nice, hot Pumpkin Spice Latte. You have an excuse to dress up in costumes that you’ve spent ridiculous amounts of time planning and curating (yay Halloween!). The leaves change into beautiful shades of red, yellow, and orange and fall to the ground in a FAR more gentle and colorful manner than any snow ever could. And above all else, there are tons of fall activities that arguably rival that of any other season— and we’re lucky to be able to do all of these right here in New York’s Capital Region.

Apple picking:

Orchards aplenty dot the Capital Region, and there is nothing better than walking through an apple orchard, picking the most perfect apples you can find, and eating a few along the way. The best part? You can never pick too many— there are so many perfect fall recipes that apples of any kind can be baked, boiled, or fried into. We’ve picked a few of our favorites for your picking pleasures:

  • Altamont Orchards
  • Indian Ladder Farms
  • Riverview Orchards
  • Goold Orchards


We’ve lost count of how many haunted hay rides there are in the surrounding area, but we have nothing bad to say about any of them. October is the best month to get your fear fix— and we recommend giving these places a chance to scare your pants off:

  • Double M
  • Headless Horseman
  • Field of Horrors
  • Nightmares at Liberty Ridge Farm

Bonus: With many hay rides, you have the option to opt in on a corn maze (for an additional fee). We would advise to always opt in on the corn maze. There’s nothing spookier than walking through tall stalks in the dark with shrieks and growls coming from all angles.

Fall Festivals:

Fall is the perfect time to have a festival. The chill in the air prevents you from getting sticky and sweaty, and usually, there are no bees out to bother you— they’ve all gone into their little bee hibernation. Food festivals like the Troy Chowderfest dot the weekends. Don’t miss out on the upcoming festivals— you can check our Facebook Page (Little Dog Advertising) and Instagram account (@littledogadvertising) for weekly updates!

Farmer’s Markets:

Fall is harvest season, which means the markets are bursting with local and seasonal produce. With the Troy Waterfront Farmer’s Market (Saturdays) and the Schenectady Greenmarket (Sundays) right in our backyards, getting our hands on delicious fall favorites is easy. And when you’re done getting your produce, stop in to the numerous shops that line the streets in the area— you never know what little treasures you’ll find! Get your market fix in now though— Schenectady Greenmarket closes for the season in October, and New York’s unpredictable winter weather can make heading to Troy’s Riverfront a challenge (or just plain cold).


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