Every Day is a Reason to Celebrate (Thanks to Marketing)

It’s no secret that many holidays are embellished upon or even entirely made up for the sake of marketing. Decorations, clothing and costumes hit shelves months before the actual celebration, and we’ve all noticed that advertisements for Christmas roll out long before Thanksgiving has passed. Undoubtedly, holidays are a bit more drawn out than they were before the digital age… and just, well, a bit more in general.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day have all been around for quite some time, but the origins of holidays such as these are often unclear. While there may be some history behind them, these holidays are great marketing points for companies throughout the United States; with similar holidays being celebrated throughout the rest of the world. Every year, it seems a dozen more holidays are added to this perpetually expanding calendar. Some people are ba-humbugs when it comes to ANY of them, but you should be partaking in all the fun that these made-up holidays offer. Let us explain:

National Donut Day (first Friday in June): Um, hello? Jelly donuts, glazed donuts, FREE donuts? We’ll celebrate that. There’s nothing wrong with having an excuse to treat yourself. A whole day dedicated to donuts sounds magical, no?

Best Friend’s Day (June 8th): A reason to show your appreciation for your best friend. Some people don’t need an excuse to do this, but others are inspired by the holiday and the sense of appreciation it induces. Your best friend is always there for you; they’re a vital part of your life. That’s something to celebrate!

Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19): Ay, matey. Sometimes you just need a reason to be goofy without being judged.

National Ice Cream Day (third Sunday in July): Another delicious made-up holiday that we don’t mind one bit. Make your way down to your corner ice cream shop on National Ice Cream Day. Don’t forget the rainbow sprinkles.

Cyber Monday (Monday after Thanksgiving): Online deals galore. It’s the Black Friday of the digital age; the shopping day for the shoppers who hate to shop; or just hate fitting rooms. Trying on that new dress in the comfort of your own home: reason to celebrate? Yes.

Frankly, we don’t see anything wrong with the growing number of holidays. We love the fact that there’s a new reason to celebrate and appreciate every single day— and we take full advantage. There’s something fabulous about seeing a newsfeed full of posts expressing deep gratitude for something special to them one day, and showing off the yummy treat they have an excuse to indulge in the next. Every day is a gift— whether a holiday is made up or not, it’s there to help us live life to the fullest. Everyone can appreciate that. Let this be inspiration to celebrate every day, regardless of the reason.


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