Clucks & Pucks— Another Big Thank You!

March 25th was the 2nd Annual Clucks & Pucks for LLS at the Times Union Center— and we just wanted to say thank you so much to all who attended, donated, sponsored, shared, and supported the event in any way they could! Special thanks to sponsors and vendors: Jankow Companies Atlas Management Sawyer Printing AM&J […]

THANK YOU to City Beer Hall!

A huge thank you to City Beer Hall for hosting us for Best Bingo Ever on March 15th and to all of our sponsors and donors for their generous contributions to make this event a huge success! Green Flash Brewing Co. City Line Bar and Grill Bountiful Bread Roma Foods Importing Company Primal: Your Local […]

LDA’s Guide to Fall in the Capital Region

Halfway through fall, you may be realizing that you have a yearly “checklist” of seasonal things you want to do— and very few of those things may have actually happened yet. Fall is a great season for so many reasons: It gives you an excuse to wear layers and get warm and cozy as the […]

Every Day is a Reason to Celebrate (Thanks to Marketing)

It’s no secret that many holidays are embellished upon or even entirely made up for the sake of marketing. Decorations, clothing and costumes hit shelves months before the actual celebration, and we’ve all noticed that advertisements for Christmas roll out long before Thanksgiving has passed. Undoubtedly, holidays are a bit more drawn out than they […]

Why Is This Pair of Shoes Following Me Across the Internet? (Remarketing, Explained.)

If you’re like most people, you probably shop online. It’s getting easier and easier to do this, as it’s now optimized for computers, tablets, and cell phones. And if you’ve online shopped, then you’re probably doing a lot of browsing, clicking on whatever products look great to you, and familiarizing yourself with the brands that […]

Trending Now: Digital Marketing Features We Love

Trending Now: Digital Marketing Features We Heart In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, trends come— and in the blink of an eye, go, sometimes before we even know they existed (or fully understood them, or even had a chance to implement them into digital strategies).  Staying up-to-date and incorporating what’s currently “trending” can seem […]

Marketing Your SMB: What Should You Invest In: Digital and Low Cost Edition

A lot of small business owners claim that they spend too much money on marketing. Often times, many companies have a hard time justifying the spend as it can be difficult to track its results in terms of ROI and, because of that, opt not to invest in any sort of marketing. Here in lies […]

Why You Should Thank Everyone For Everything

It takes a lot to open your own business; guts, dreams, not having your wits about you, having your wits about you, having the support of those closest to you and the ability to harness the confidence that you had when you made this whole thing a reality during times of doubt (which can be […]

The 6 Stages You Mentally Go Through When Deciding to Start Your Own Business

Taking the self-employment plunge is undoubtedly scary. You’re going from having a job with that stable income to one where you hope and pray that your business idea flourishes. We all go through the stages of the decision of opening our own business and we all grow up a whole lot more the moment we […]